Metro Mail Services offers the best in document solutions. Our document management systems are designed to help your business function efficiently and productively, while ensuring that you’re complying with the regulations of your industry.

Our document solutions is supported by Laserfiche.


Solutions we offer for Document Solutions:

Choosing a document management solution means eliminating paper and improving business' responsiveness and productivity. In other words, it's choosing to go "green" or paperless. Our specialists are trained to understand each layer of document management. We will work side by side with your business and assess your current situation. It's our goal to improve efficiency. Transforming your office into a digital workplace and making it a productive workplace. 

  • Document Management

MMS will turn every document into an easily managed and organized electronic file that can be stored and distributed on the network or through email.

  • Scanning Solutions

To help eliminate redundant procedures, we will analyze your business’ processes to determine what can be automated.

  • Workflow Solutions

We will help process forms quickly by automating submission, routing, and review. While keeping information secure with regulatory mandates, e-discovery and data retention policies.

  • Compliance & Security