The logistics of a corporate or government mailroom and print center can be chaotic and labor-intensive. Over time as mailroom and print center operations become larger, they can become unwieldy with drops in productivity, escalation in costs and ever-increasing management burdens being common. We’ve learned from decades of managing the mailroom and print center that there's greater efficiencies when the right team is built by using a realistic compensation structure and an adherence to industry best practices. Not only are we limited to mail and print management, we also mange office services that includes Shipping and Receiving, On-Site and Off-Site Production Centers, and Reception and Security.

Metro Mail Services (MMS) has been the leading expert in the field of outsourced mailroom services. Our facilities experts provide high quality staffing and management services that decrease your administrative costs while improving efficiencies.


Consider these benefits for Facilities Management:

  • Control Costs

Save time and money with an external management on-site for efficient operations.

  • Improve Customer Focus

Outsource non-core business operations so you can focus on tasks more critical to your business processes and customer experience.

  • Enhance Internal Service Levels

Our expertise in the mail room, copy center, and print management will help you manage and enhance your operations more efficiently.