How To Order Supplies


To order supplies, a supply form is to be filled out completely and submitted online*

Supply Forms By Brand

Notice on July 19, 2019: Due to Pitney Bowes' increase in price, we need to increase our PB OEM supply prices. In addition, we’ve added a Compatible option for PB SendPro/Connect+ (see link number 3).

1) Open Francotyp-Postalia (FP) Supply Order

2) Open Pitney Bowes for DM Series Supply Order

3) Open Pitney Bowes for SendPro/Connect+ Compatible Supply Order

4) Open Pitney Bowes for SendPro/Connect+ OEM Supply Order


Supply Forms By Major Accounts

These supply forms are password protected. Please email for verification and password.

Related Information:

Prices will be reviewed every 3 months due to the manufacturer. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Metro Mail Services, Inc. Old pricing order forms will not be honored.

If you do not see your supply form and/or supplies, please contact

*If you wish to email or fax your order form, please contact for an electronic copy.

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