Updating USPS rates on the PB DM100-DM200

Before you begin: 
Make sure that your system is connected to the Pitney Bowes Data Center using one of the following connection methods:

  • PC Meter Connect

  • SmartLink™ (DM100®i and DM200L™)

  • USB Ethernet Connectivity Kit (DM125™ and DM225™)

  • WiFi Connection Device (DM125™ and DM225™)

  • Dial-up phone line that is not shared with a fax or other device. Change your phone number if you're having trouble connecting. Make sure that your dial-up phone number is 1-844-972-9633.

This video shows you how to update your postage rates on a DM100 - DM225 Digital Mailing System using the data center connection method.


Follow these instructions to update your USPS® rates:

  1. On the Home screen, press Options.

  2. Press Page Down twice.

  3. Select Connect-Data Center.

  4. Select Uploads & Downloads.

  5. When the screen displays Update Available or Update Required, select Get Update Now.

    Warning: Do not unplug your power cord or remove the network cords from the meter while it is updating. This may cause damage to the meter. However, if the meter has been unresponsive for more than 15 minutes, disconnect the power cord; wait one minute, plug it back in, and restart the update process.

  6. When the screen displays New Rates Downloaded Install Successful, select Continue.

    Note: If Print Report (Yes/No) is displayed, select No.

  7. When the screen displays New Rates Active, press Page Down or Enter, then select Don't show again.

  8. Select Continue to return to the Home screen.

  9. Click the blue Confirm Meter Update button, after waiting 10-20 minutes, to confirm that your update installed successfully.

Source by Pitney Bowes Support.


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