Update to the latest USPS Rates

To download the latest USPS rates on your postage meter, you will need to update your equipment. See below to see how to update your postage meter.

View more on proposed USPS rate changes for 2019.


How to update USPS Rates on my FP PostBase?

Video: How to Update USPS Rates in PostBase

How to Update Rates
(written instructions)

Update your PostBase rates using an Ethernet connection.

Update your PostBase rates using Remote Service. 

For any other questions, please reference the PostBase Operators Manual.

How can I verify the update on my FP equipment?

If your rate update was successful, your equipment will activate the new rates on the effective date. You can verify that the update was successful by checking the new First-Class letter rate as $0.50.

Note: There is no confirmation screen screen prompt stating that the rate table has been downloaded.